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Quickstart Guide

Your Orthodontext account setup is very simple.  Below is a summary of the setup with links to screenshot guides on exactly how to do each step.  

Login to your Orthodontext Account and follow the steps below:

STEP 1:  Add an administrative staff person:  Click on Admin>Staff>Add staff member - See Add staff guide

STEP 2:  Configure reminders:  There are 2 types of reminders, Dynamic (rotate through a list of reminders with the same message) and Static (same reminder every time)
     1.  Dynamic Reminders are already configured for you, however, you can deselect the ones you may not want to use and you can add as many custom  reminders as you wish - See 
 Dynamic Reminder Guide
     2.  Static Reminders are used for reminders like Care Texts.  Care Texts do need to be configured.  To configure your "Care Texts" click on "Reminders" and edit Static Reminders - See Care Texts

STEP 3:  Configure settings:  See Settings Guide.  Click on "Admin" (top right), "Settings" (left panel) and fill in blanks, add/change the notification email, make sure two way messaging is checked, open the links in the "Patient Sign-up Login Page" and drag the icon next to the URL to your desktop.  See QuickLinks to Desktop Guide, On the iPad open the links and add them to your home screen - See IPad QuickLink Guide.  Add your practice logo and add your web address.

STEP 4: Click "Jumpstart" (left panel) and follow directions - See Jumpstart Guide
  1. Copy and paste email provided and email it to your webmaster.  This will enable him to put your QuickLinks on your practice website.
  2. Copy and paste the text in the 2nd link in "Jumpstart" and email that to your patients. They can then sign themselves up to receive reminders.
  3. If you are a Dolphin user, click on Dolphin Integration ini code to place the QuickLinks into Dolphin Management and/or Dolphin Imaging - See Dolphin Integration Guide  
  4. If you are an OrthoTrac user, copy and paste the email provided to Matt Hendrickson at OrthoTrac.  His email address is:  He will forward it to an Imaging support specialist, who will logon to your computers and add the QuickLinks
STEP 5: Congrats, you are ready to watch the magic.  
  1. Add yourself as a patient if you haven't already done so.  If you were added at a show, you will not be able to add yourself, because the system can't have duplicate names.  You can contact support and your name will be removed from the account that it is in.
  2. Reply to a text that was sent to you by Orthodontext.  
  3. Check your email to see the reply.  
  4. Respond to your email by placing {} around your reply.  
  5. Check your text.  
See Orthodontext Best Practices

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