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Dolphin Integration Guide

Step 1:  Save icons into the button directory.  Here's how: Login to your Orthodontext account and go to Admin>Jumpstart>Dolphin Integration INI code, right click on the blue image of the icon and click "save image as"

Type in c:\dolphin\buttons and click Save

It will bring you to this screen and click Save

Do the same thing for the orange icon, but when you click save as, it may already be in the buttons folder, so you just have to click Save one time instead of twice.

The icons will now appear in the buttons directory

Step 2:  Add script to the INI to place links into Dolphin (Management and/or Imaging).  Here's how:  Open the INI, see images below

Step 3:  Save INI as Dolphin_old.  This will serve as a back up.

Step 4:  Reopen the Dolphin INI

Step 5: Go to the Admin>Jumpstart>Dolphin Integration INI code.  Copy the highlighted text as seen below.

Step 6:  Place your cursor at the top of the INI and paste the script into the INI.  Leave a space between the script you just added and the section below.

It should look like this.

Step 7:  Save the INI

Restart Dolphin (Management and/or Imaging)
The links will appear in the Integrations tab in Management and in the top icon bar in Imaging

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