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Settings Guide

Settings Guide

1.  Click on Admin 
2.  Click on Settings
3.  Complete notifications section.  Add emails that will be receiving text replies and responding to requests.  Make sure Two Way Messaging is checked and add a cell phone number that you would like care text alerts sent to as a text.
Decide the best patient entry technique for your office.  You have 5 options: 
  1. Add patient through your practice website - See Jumpstart Guide on how to add QuickLinks to your practice website.
  2. Add QuickLinks into Dolphin Management and/or Imaging - See Dolphin Integration Guide
  3. Add QuickLinks into OrthoTrac - See bottom section of Jumpstart Guide 
  4. Add QuickLinks to iPad home screen - See iPad QuickLink Guide
  5. Add QuickLinks to chairside desktops - See Adding QuickLinks to Desktop Guide
The links indicated by #4 and #5 arrows will be used for any of the above techniques

6.  Add the practice logo by choosing either a jpeg, png or a gif file of your logo.  If you can't find one on your system, you could go to your website, right click on the logo and save it to your desktop.  Then Choose File and find it where you placed it.

7.  Add your practice website address and click Save Changes


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