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Snapshot is a secure method for practices to receive patient pictures. Snapshot works seamlessly with any Reminder or Rapid Response by simply adding {{vlink}} to the content of the Reminder or Rapid Response. Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Reminder or Rapid Response with the special {{vlink}} patient encryptor as shown below:

Step 2: When a patient responds to a Reminder about an issue you would like to see, simply click the Rapid Response button:

Step 3: Choose the Snapshot Rapid Reminder we created above to request a Snapshot as shown below:

Step 4: The Practice will receive a Patient Snapshot Received Notification with a link to quickly view the picture. A password may be required depending on your current authentication status.

Step 5: Click the image to zoom or rotate as needed using the controls at the bottom. All Snapshots are located in your account at Admin > Snapshots.

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